Creative Ideas for Salad Decoration with Images

Salad Decorations and Fruit Carvings look fantastic as table centerpieces for parties. Edible flowers give a unique charm to the table and fruit animals add the fun element to the party. The guests are bound to appreciate your creativity and effort. Kids just love to be photographed with fruit animals like angry birds or owls. Chances are that they remember your decorations more than the food in the main course. Creative food presentation can also enhance the appetite of the guests. There are very simple tricks to make these eye pleasing decorations but you require lot of time and patience. The immense satisfaction one gets through this activity is the reward for all the patience.
All your require is ::

  • Fresh vegetables and Fruits of good quality.
  • A Sharp knife to manage the cuts (especially for the flowers)
  • A set of toothpicks is very useful to put everything together
On this blog, you will find step-by-step instructions for the following ::

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Vegetable Flowers :: It is fairly easy to make beautiful flowers like Roses, Lilies, Anthuriams with vegetables and fruits. The perfect vegetables for this purpose are Yellow and Red Capsicums, Spring Onions, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Potatoes, Carrots etc. The flowers can be arranged together in an attractive manner so that it looks a Flower pot or a Floral Bouquet.
Sharing some simple ideas for decorations with Vegetable Flowers ::
Flower Pot with Anthuriam Flowers : I recently made these lovely Anthuriam flowers using Red and Yellow Capsicums. Baby Corn is perfect for making the spiky structure on the top of the flower. Madras Cucumber is used as a flower pot to hold the flowers. This huge cucumber can hold a large number of flowers, making it a perfect ingredient for a flower pot. You can use any other rounded vegetable or fruit for this purpose. Watermelon or Papaya is also a good option. I filled the empty space on the back with a couple of Tomato Flowers. Drum sticks are used as a stem for all these flowers. Spring Onions, used as leaves, give a nice volume to this arrangement. You can use toothpicks to attach the flower to the stem and also to insert the stem in the pot. I had some extra anthuriam flowers so made another small piece for the other end of the table. I used bottle gourd for the second one. This is generally always available at home and it is very easy to insert flowers in it.

Click here to read stepwise instructions to make Anthurium Flower

Salad Decoration with Capsicum

Salad Decoration with Capsicum

Vegetable Flower Arrangements

Vegetable Flower Arrangements

Salad Decoration Ideas with Images

Salad Arrangement with Bottle Gourd

How to make Anthurium Flower

If you are interested in making Anthurium flowers, follow these stepwise instructions.
Step 1 : Choose a Red or Yellow Capsicum of good quality. Using a black pen or marker, draw a heart shaped petal on it. Use a sharp knife to carve the anthurium petal on it and detach the petal slowly.

Detaching a Heart Shaped Petal

Step 2 : The carved petal should look like the photo below. Remove the unwanted flesh and seeds from the bottom part of the petal.

Cleaning the Petal

Step 3 : For the stem, cut a piece of drumstick of enough length. Insert a toothpick in this stem. Carefully insert the petal in this toothpick.

Attaching Drumstick as a stem

Step 4 : We require the babycorn to create the spiky structure at the top of the flower. Select a babycorn of appropriate size. Insert it into the toothpick. The flower should look like the photo below.

Attaching babycorn at the top

Attractive salad decorations with Spring Onion Flowers

Spring Onion flowers look awesome on a table centerpiece. The best part is that it does not require much time or effort for making them. They look great even if they don’t turn out perfect. We can also use the green part of the vegetable to make fantastic curls.
Click here to read stepwise instructions to make spring onion flowers for garnish
Sharing snaps of some decorations I tried recently

Spring Onion Flowers

If you have small sized onions, you can make smaller flowers as shown in the picture below. Here I have arranged the flowers in a heart shaped glass dish along with the green part of the vegetable.

Salad Arrangement with spring onions

How to make Spring Onion Flowers
If you are interested in making Spring Onion flowers, follow these stepwise instructions.
Step 1 : For these flowers, select the ones with slightly greater bulb size. Wash the onions properly and then dry them using a cloth. Separate the green part of the spring onions so that only the white bulb with a small stem remains.

Trimming the spring onion

Also remove the top part of the white onion so that it becomes flat enough to give cuts.

Remove the top part

Step 2 : Give long vertical cuts to the onion bulbs towards the green stem. Now give cuts perpendicular to the earlier ones.

Giving long vertical cuts

Step 3 : Now keep these bulbs them in chilled water for atleast 15-20 minutes. We can add some ice cubes to the water for better effect. The chilling effect causes the petals to open up and the onions literally bloom like flowers.

Keeping in chilled water

How to make spring onion green curls
The green part of the spring onions can also be used in decorations. Select the green leaves of good quality. Trim the leaves, keeping enough length as required for the decoration. Give long vertical slits with the sharp knife. Place them in chilled water for 15-20 minutes.

Making Spring Onion Green Curls

I kept them in the refrigerator for faster result.The leaves take beautiful curls like this snap. If we take leaves of different length, we get lot of flexibility in arranging them. They look awesome with carrot or potato flowers.

Beautiful curls

Cucumber Flowers for Salad Decoration

Cucumber flowers are excellent for decoration and garnishing. They are very popular in Thai vegetable carvings. The Thai people make 3 rings of petals for these flowers and though they look very beautiful, they are slightly cumbersome. I learned this method from an online tutorial and found it simpler. It is not much time consuming either. We can also use zucchini to make similar flowers.

Cucumber Flower Garnish

How to make a Cucumber Flower Garnish
Step 1 : Take a slightly big cucumber and cut it in to two pieces. Now take one of the pieces and trim it properly to get a flat surface on the top. Divide this piece in to 4 parts as shown in the snap.

Cutting the Cucumber into 4 equal parts

Step 2 : Now further divide each part again into 2 equal parts. Thereby we will get 8 equal parts in total. We need to extend the cut vertically downwards so that the petals of the flower open properly.

Dividing each part further to get 8 equal parts

Step 3 : We need to clean the central portion of this piece to create a hollow structure. This needs to be done carefully with the knife. The unwanted green portion can be gently removed from the top.

Remove unwanted flesh from the center

Step 4 : Now each of the parts needs to be shaped into a petal. An easy way to do this is actually draw the petals on the outer surface with a pen or marker. Then trim them as per the marked outline, using a sharp knife. The petals should finally look like this snap.

Shaping the Petals

Step 5 : The next step is to create two rings of petals. Hold each petal in hand and divide it into 2 parts gently with a knife. Basically we have to separate the outer skin of the cucumber from the inner soft portion. If we insert the knife at the center and slide it slowly downwards, the skin starts separating automatically.

Creating two rings of Petals

Step 6 : After we create the two layers, remove all unwanted flesh in between the layers. We can place the flower in chilled water for some time so that it opens properly. It should look like a full bloomed flower as shown below.

Cleaning the flower

Step 7 : Now we need to create the center part (pistil) of the flower. We can use carrot or white onion for this purpose. Cut a slice of carrot and insert it in the hollow region we created at the center with the help of a toothpick.

Making the flower pistil

Here is the completed Cucumber Flower. Hope you like it !

Step 8

Cucumber Flower

How to make capsicum Flower garnish

If we are in a hurry, we can make attractive flowers with capsicum. We can make 2 flowers from a single capsicum. I prefer red capsicum flowers for these ones.

Step 1 : Select a red capsicum of slightly bigger size. Give zig zag cuts across the center of it such that it splits into 2 parts, each having a curvy border.

Seperate into 2 parts with curvy borders

Step 2 : Trim the petals with the knife and remove unwanted flesh from the center. Now hold each petal in hand and divide it into 2 gently using a knife. It should separate the outer skin properly to create an outer ring of petals.

Step 2

Create 2 layers of Petals

Step 3 : Place the flower in chilled water for 15-20 minutes. This will make it open nicely.


Capsicum flower after chilling effect

Tomato Flowers for Salad Decoration

Tomato Flowers are not my favourites as it takes lot of effort to clean them from inside. However, they are always available at home so we can use them if nothing else is available. They go well as garnishes with rice dishes.

How to make Tomato Flower garnish

Step 1 : Select a tomato of slightly big size. Split it into 2 equal parts.

Split the tomato into 2 equal parts

Step 2 : Take one of the parts and split it into 3 equal sections.

Split one of the parts in 3 sections

Step 3 : Further divide each section into two, thereby getting 6 sections.

Creating 6 sections for Petals

Step 4 : Further step is shaping each of the sections into Petals. We can draw the petal shape on the outside with a marker and then trim it using knife. One has to be extra careful with tomatoes because lot of fluid and seeds keep coming out of it.

Shaping the Petals

Step 5 : Create 2 rings of petals by seperating the outer skin with the knife. For the Pistil of the flower, one can use carrot or baby corn. Check the completed flower below.

Creating 2 rings of Petals

Salad Platter with Cucumber and Potato Flowers
We can make an attractive salad platter by arranging the vegetable flowers in circles. It is very easy to make roses with potato. You have to cut thin slices of potato and color them with an edible color. Red roses look awesome on a Salad Platter so I chose red color. Apply the food color to each slice individually and assemble them together with a toothpick to form a rose. Cucumber flowers are made by making 2 layers of cuts with the special salad knife. Cutting the outer layer which separates out the covering of the cucumber from the inside part is very crucial and requires practice.

Salad Decoration with Potato and Cucumber

Making a Floral Bouquet
A floral bouquet of vegetable flowers is very eye pleasing. We can simply arrange the flowers in a dish to make it look like a bouquet. First we need to choose something for the leaves. I have chosen spring onion leaves but lettuce leaves also look good. Cut the vegetables properly to make them look like leaves and then place them more towards both the sides. Place the flowers over them to a couple of layers. Finally it should take the shape of a bouquet.

Salad Bouquet

Salad Decoration Themes / Party Decoration Ideas

For party salad decorations, we can pick up some nature theme or add some fun element to the decorations by making fruit birds or animals.

Couple Holding umbrellas – Made of Capsicum, Spring Onion
We had a party at our house and I wanted to try a different decoration this time. It was raining heavily outside so I picked up the the monsoon theme. Capsicum is the obvious choice for umbrellas and they are supported by toothpicks from inside. The faces are made of spring onions (watch the tiny pony on the head of the female). I think they looking cute.

salad decoration for party with theme

Fruit Owl Bowl – Made of Watermelon and Pineapple

A Fruit Owl can be made in different ways. We can make it with just pineapple or with a combination of water melon and pineapple. Green apples or Custard apples can also be used for a smaller owl. The wings and eyes are important features so we need to make them perfectly. I tried with a watermelon as the base and attached wings of the outer covering of pineapple. I carved the front side of the watermelon to create a hollow structure. This can be used as a fruit bowl to keep a variety of fruits. This is a just a sample one so I used a smaller watermelon but with big sized melons, you will have ample space to hold lot of fruits. To create the wings, I split the pineapple into 2 parts vertically. Then I carefully separated the side parts and cut them in the shape of wings. The wings have to be fixed to the body using lot of toothpicks. Eyes are made of thin orange and raddish slices. Black grapes would have been ideal for the black part of the eye but I did not have them so I just gave black dots with a marker. Capsicum is the best choice for the feet.

Fruit Owl :: Nice theme for kids